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April 1999 marked the Tercentenary year of the Birth of the Khalsa, an event celebrated all over the world. To commemorate this event, the Government of Punjab envisioned the Khalsa Heritage Complex now known as Virasat-E-Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib as an inspiring tribute to the heroic and poignant saga of the Sikhs and Punjab. The vision it offers the world and itself, can only be a crafting of the finest sensibility and aesthetic that convey both the incisive stand taken on behalf of Truth by the Gurus of the Sikh faith and the grandeur of its history.

The Virasat-E-Khalsa, is an inspiring journey into a spirited culture, providing a fascinating insight into the Sikh faith and its history. Contentflow Technologies has designed all the mesmerising experiences for the same.


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